Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bali Tour To Bedugul, Is It Not Really Cool Anymore?

Have you on Bali tour, you must visit Bedugul. Yeah, it is Bedugul. A cool mountain that's located in the hills on the northern of Bali Island. You not only be able to enjoy the cool weather, but also a beautiful lake. Yeah, it is Lake Beratan. It is in the mountain too. It is a really beautiful combination. There is a temple too, namely Temple Ulundanu. People believe that there is a Goddess. She is Goddess Sri, A Goddess of Prosperity. Perhaps this is what makes the North Bali always became green and prospers. You can also visit Munduk village on this Bali tour, a village which is lush, green and have a cool weather proven the beauty of this location.

Speaking of beauty in Bedugul, it will not be complete without describing the mountain which provides a cool weather. It is 1500 meters and located in Baturiti Tabanan Bali. Plus, Lake Beratan make this mountain has a special views. The entry ticket price is also fairly affordable for all. It costs around Rp 10.000 and you can enjoy the views of the mountain, lake, and Temple Ulundanu. Temple Ulundanu is located in the middle of the lake. If you want to drop in, you can simply rent a boat there. Usually, this temple is used for religious events, but you can also use it for photos event like pre-wedding. Simply, just ask permission and you will get it. Well, I suggest that you have to bring camera while on this Bali tour, right?

After having fun on Bali tour in Bedugul, you can directly go to Candi Kuning Market. Here, you will meet a lot crops from local farmers, such as carrots, strawberry, and others. Also, you can buy some souvenirs of Bali here. Again, don’t worry about hotel. There are many guest house and hotel along the way to Bedugul and lakes. You just need to choose the right one for your comfort.

Another thing you need to know is Bedugul is not the only tourist spot in North Bali. There are many tourist sites on this Bali tour such as Lovina Beach, Git Git waterfall, Ayung Garden, Pacung, and Munduk village. The Northern region is well-known for lush, cool, and beautiful area. So, if someone said Bedugul is not cool anymore, it's totally wrong and they are never travel to Bali tour. Bedugul is still very cool.

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